Yellow Gold Signet Face Size Education

At Atlas Mack we offer 4 different face shapes: round, oval, cushion, and cigar. From the image above you can see how these compare in size to each other.


Our round shape comes in two different sizes, 9mm (far left) and 13mm (2nd from left). The 9mm round ring is a popular size for pinky rings or for women's designs and the 13mm size is more popular for men.


Our 16mm oval shape (center) is a popular choice for initialing or showcasing a design. Its large surface is great for displaying intricate artwork that will be visible from a distance.


The 14mm cushion signet ring (2nd from right) has a more square aesthetic. This shape offers versatility because it shows initials, family crests, and textured designs very beautifully.


The cigar band (far right) is our newest ring shape. This shape is mimicked after the wrappings traditionally decorating cigars. We only offer classic, non-designed cigar bands at this time but will be adding designs soon.