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Satin Finish

A satin finished ring is created by brushing the surface of the ring in the same direction which dulls the surface. Rings with a satin finish have a matte appearance and don't reflect light the same way a polished ring does. You can see this displayed on the left cigar band in the photo above.

Polished Finish

A polished ring has a shiny, reflective surface making it stand out on your finger. Polished rings are very smooth since they are polished with a fast spinning brush to smooth out the entire surface of the ring. You can see a polished ring on the right cigar band in the photo above.

Ring Fits

Basic and Luxe Fit for Atlas Mack Signet Rings

Basic Fit

A Basic fitting signet ring has a hollowed out back. This creates some space between your finger and the back of the ring. This type of signet ring uses less metal so they typically cost less and are lightweight in comparison to a Luxe signet ring. Keep in mind that some materials, like Tantalum and Damascus Steel, are not available in a Basic fit.

Luxe Fit

A Luxe fitting signet ring has a closed back and is smooth all the way around the inside of the ring. Since this fit uses more metal it has a heavier, more solid and luxurious feel. We recommend this fitting to most of customers since it has a higher quality look and feel.

Face Shapes and Sizes

Yellow Gold Signet Face Size Education

At Atlas Mack we offer 4 different face shapes: round, oval, cushion, and cigar. From the image above you can see how these compare in size to each other.


Our round shape comes in two different sizes, 9mm (far left) and 13mm (2nd from left). The 9mm round ring is a popular size for pinky rings or for women's designs and the 13mm size is more popular for men.


Our 16mm oval shape (center) is a popular choice for initialing or showcasing a design. Its large surface is great for displaying intricate artwork that will be visible from a distance.


The 14mm cushion signet ring (2nd from right) has a more square aesthetic. This shape offers versatility because it shows initials, family crests, and textured designs very beautifully.


The cigar band (far right) is our newest ring shape. This shape is mimicked after the wrappings traditionally decorating cigars. We only offer classic, non-designed cigar bands at this time but will be adding designs soon.

Pendant Shapes And Sizes

Pendant SizingAt Atlas Mack we offer 3 different pendant shapes: round, oval, and cushion. Each shape comes in 3 different sizes. 


Our round pendants come in 13mm, 16mm, and 18mm. The 13mm only comes in White, Rose, and Yellow Gold frames. It is a popular choice for women. The 18mm pendant is the only round size that offers a diamond frame.


Our oval pendants come in 14mm, 17mm, and 19mm. The 14mm only comes in White, Rose, and Yellow Gold frames while the 17mm offers Tantalum and Damascus Steel. This makes the 17mm a popular choice for a men's necklace. The 19mm pendant is the only oval size that offers a diamond frame.


Our cushion pendants come in 16mm, 20mm, and 22mm. Like the other shapes the smallest frame only comes in White, Rose, and Yellow Gold frames while the 20mm offers Tantalum and Damascus Steel. The 22mm pendant is the only cushion size that offers a diamond frame. This shape is perfect for showing off initials and intricate designs.


Find Your Size

Atlas Mack Ring Sizing Kit

Ring Sizing Kit

The most accurate way to get your ring size is to order one of our ring sizing kits with the purchase of your ring. You will order your estimated ring size and we will send you a ring sizing kit with 5 different sizes of resin signet rings. This kit will include your estimated size plus four additional rings: two half sizes smaller and two half sizes larger than your estimated size. Once you receive the kit, try on a the different sizes to see which one is the best fit. We will then ask you to confirm your size and start production of your ring!

Download & Print

Find your ring size with our printable PDF. Make sure your printer settings are set to 100% so the ruler is the correct size - yes, size DOES matter.

We know you’re busy binge-watching your favorite show so we’ve made the process simple. Just follow the instructions on the print out and you’ll have your correct size in no time.

Reach out to if you have any questions!

Download PDF